Bessie Young Photography Glacier Point

Hi!!! I Am Bessie Young

They say that your about me page is the most important page of your entire website. Yep no pressure at all right? So I have made this page over and over and over again. I began talking about how I am an accomplished award winning photographer. How Photography is my true passion. How I love nature…. blah blah blah blah blah.

So then I decided to keep it short and sweet. Ya, that didn’t work either.

So now I am here trying again. Trying to make my about me page actually about me, about my photography, and really about what I believe when it comes to photography. So…. here goes nothing….

I started photography when I was super little. Yep, I freaking loved my parents Polaroid camera. It was my fave. Then for graduation I got my first film camera. Boom passion created.

Arches National Park by Bessie Young Photography 2018-2.jpg

While taking photos I was, you know… doing what I was supposed to be doing… going to college. Meanwhile the entire time I was wishing I could just be a photographer. After 2 years of junior college and 2.5 years of Fresno State University I got my BS degree in Geomatics Engineering.

So I did the college thing, got the job, started a career, and the entire time all I wanted to do was take pictures of pretty places, document peoples life journey, capture others love stories, help others learn photography and learn to find their passion all while just be outside in nature.

So after a few years went by of this lovely cubical life, I decided to start a side hustle.

BOOM Bessie Young Photography was created.

I love a little bit of everything and my photography shows that. Everyone says that you need to ‘find your niche’, but you know I think I found mine by not really finding any… I am a landscape photographer that loves taking pictures of people in beautiful places. Weird? I think it is seriously the best gig ever. Like the best of both worlds really. I love taking landscape photos, I love taking portraits, I love documenting peoples stories, so here I am doing all of them through various outlets.

My Instagram show my style exactly:


 Some fun facts about me:

  • I have 3 sisters and 10 nieces and nephews.

  • I am probably a little too obsessed with coffee, but no one is judging right ;)

  • For the most part I am quite shy; however, I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone with making Youtube videos and constantly being in front of the camera.

  • I have changed my website more times than I am willing to admit.

  • I hate adding watermarks to my images.

  • I love spending time with my big family. They are my favorites, and my true tribe.

  • I have a Boston Terrier named Yota (yes that is after the truck not the movie).