Electronic Gear List for Photographers by Bessie Young Photography

Electronic Gear List:

HP Laptop

1T My Passport External Hardrive

Anker external battery pack - This is seriously a must you guys. If you run out of batteries then you can't document your adventures! That would be the worst thing ever, in my opinion. Get yourself a backup.

Multi unit power socket

Samsung Note 4 Smart Phone - Basically, all I have to say about smart phones is get one with a removable battery no matter what! There are not many options out there, but honestly, when traveling you need to be able to switch your battery rather than having to figure out a place to plug in.

Computer - This is something I put together myself as I couldn't find one on the market with everything I needed. I wanted to have an automatic backup of all my images (basically mirrored hard drives), a fast start up time, fast processor, and so forth.

Dell U2415 Monitor

Color Monkey - This is for calibrating your monitors colors