27 Ways to Make Money with Photography - Types of Photography

27 Ways to Make Money with Photography -

Types of Photography

So, I just recently did a blog post on 7 Ways to Make Money with Photography, but I really wanted to break that down a little bit with different types of photography and ways to make money.

When people think about becoming a photographer they think of only a few things: portraits, weddings, and babies. Yep, that is pretty much it, but there is so much more out there! There are so many different ways to make money with photography though the different types of photography.

I want to open your eyes to the photography world. This is just a short list mind you. There are so many more ideas and options out there. If you can think of a different one leave me a comment below.

Ok, so lets cut to the chase here…

27 Ways to Make Money with Photography

Photo by Nicole Honeywill

27 Ways to Make Money with Photography - Types of Photography by Bessie Young Photography
  1. Wedding Photographer

  2. Senior Portraits

  3. Family Portraits

  4. Newborn Portraits

  5. Landscape Photographer

  6. Travel Photographer

  7. Animal photography

  8. Instagram photography

  9. Concerts

  10. Festivals

  11. Night Life (think night clubs)

  12. Sports Photography

  13. Special Niches

  14. Business Photography

  15. Realestate Photography

  16. Events/ Siminars

  17. Social Media Photography

  18. Product Photography

  19. Stock images

  20. Headshots

  21. Editing and Retouching

  22. Photography assistant

  23. Teaching Photography

  24. News papers and magazines

  25. Workshops

  26. Selling your images

  27. Fashion

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You can also become a photography blogger like I do right here on this blog! How fun is that and talk about thinking outside of the photography box ;) If you want to learn a little more about how to start a photography blog check out this out. I created a post just for you:

How to Start A money Making Blog for Beginners

Ok, so obviously there are so many different ways to be involved in photography and make a career our of taking pictures, but you are really going to have to learn so much to do this. You are going to have to learn social media, business, marketing, branding, website building, and pretty much all the things.

Now, don’t let that persuade you to not do it, just realize that it is alot of work, but don’t worry friend! I am here for you every step of the way. I am here to make your journey a little easier. To help you with all these things, because it is hard and to learn all of this on your own takes alot of research and time. I want to cut down on that time and research for you to get you back to what you actually want to do… TAKE PHOTOS!

With all that being said I do offer alot of freebies and I am adding more and more to the list on a weekly basis. Make sure to check those out on my freebie page :)

I hope this gets your brain turning and helps you realizing how much opportunity there really is in photography!

Wishing you an amazing photography journey!