5 Essential Photo Apps for Social Media

5 essential photo apps for social media by Bessie Young Photography.jpg

Wow social media….. where do I even begin. Holy moly this world has become obsessed with social media and I definitely have a love hate relationship with it. I have done so much installing and uninstalling of apps to be able to find good ones! So obviously I wanted to share this information with you! These apps have made my life so much easier.

5 Essential Photo Apps for Social Media

  1. Snapseed - used to edit my smart phone photos for my social media. This is the best photo editing app I know!

  2. Unfold - used to make my Instagram stories pretty

  3. Playmemories - used to share the photos from my camera to my cell phone for instant social media sharing (after I edit them with snapseed of course!)

  4. Moment - This app is a life changer and was introduced to me by Jenna Kutcher. It tracks how often you are on social media. OMG you have no idea how often you check in until you have an app that tracks you. Seriously you need this in your life just to keep you in check.

  5. Plann - Helps me plann my instagram so it looks very purdy to everyone. It is funny how we have to think of these things, but seriously if your instagram is a mess, you probably won’t get hired….

Are you learning Photography? Check out the freebie page to get you started! I have created a bunch of awesome freebies to help you out :)

Do you have Apps that you love? Please comment below. This blog is all about community and supporting eachother. Helping eachother grow and learn as a creative community.

Wishing you nothing but the absolute best!