Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco | Landscape Photography

by Bessie Young Photography

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You know, it is quite funny that I live in California, only a couple hours from San Francisco, and I have yet to get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. I mean seriously?! How is it that possible. I am a photographer, almost 30 years old, and have yet to capture a good image of the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco? This is a little bit crazy, a little bit sad, and honestly just wrong on so many levels.

San Francisco 2016 - Bessie Young Photography-61.jpg

This adventure was a great reminder that I need to stop and remember the epicness of the area around you. Sometimes we forget that we live next to some amazing sites. We live in a world where we are expected to travel to these epic places, but sometimes the epic places are in your back yard. These places are something that you have seen time and time again, but for some reason you never took the time to really stop and appreciate how epic they truly are. Stop! Look around you! Appreciate the gorgeous world you life in.

People travel from around the world to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. For me, it is basically a hop, skip, and a jump for me to get to. This adventure was a reminder to myself to take a moment and appreciate how wonderful everything is around me rather than constantly looking at what the entire world has to offer. Sometimes, your back yard is truly epic.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The adventure was spontaneous, and it was intensely windy that day. I looked around for a bit and eventually found the perfect spot to get an amazing image of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gage Bridge San Francisco is an iconic piece of history....


During my adventuring that day I found out that night was the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon. I stayed out late to get an image. The moon came up over the Bay Bridge and City of San Francisco. Come check out that blog here. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

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Sony A7Rii:
Sony 16-35mm lens:
Canon 100-400mm f4:
Sigma MC11 Adapter:
Vanguard Tripod:

LG G3 Smart Phone

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Viva Video Pro for combining videos

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