Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Bessie Young

While on an adventure to find fall I found myself staying in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I already knew that Idaho Falls was famous for a waterfall in town; however, I had no idea where it was or how to get to it.

After booking my hotel room, I lay there googling Idaho Falls. Much to my surprise I was staying right next to the falls! Seriously?! How much more convenient could that be?

Ultimately I decided to sleep in, get some breakfast, and then stop by the falls before I continued south to Utah. It was quite cold that morning, the snow had fallen the previous day, and things were a little frozen over; however, that wasn't going to stop me from getting a beautiful picture.

There is a nice trail that follows the falls the entire way. I drove along the road to scope out where exactly I wanted to get my shot, parked, and then walked along the trail. Ultimately, I ended up at the most Northerly side of the falls and the most Southerly side of the falls.

If you want to read a little about walk along the river check it out here.

How I got the shot:

Note: Make sure to watch the video first.

First shot (on the top of this blog):

  1. Use a Wide Angle Lens. I used my Sony 16-35 mm f4
  2. It was quite bright that morning, almost 9am, so I had to use a 10 stop ND Filter in order to get the smooth water.
  3. Tripod - This is to allow for a long exposure
  4. Adjust settings as needed. My settings were based around my shutter speed as I wanted smooth water. My settings were: ISO 80 | Shutter speed 2.5 seconds | Aperture F 6.3

Second Shot (right below):

  1. Same technique as above
  2. Settings were: ISO 64 | Shutter speed 8 seconds | Aperture F 11


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Wishing you nothing but fun adventures and beautiful photos.


My Gear

P.S. wanna know what gear I used? Check it out my Gear list or check it out here:

Kit Used:
Camera: Sony A7Rii:
Favorite Lens: Sony FE 24-70 F2.8 G Master:
Wide Angle: Sony 16-35mm lens:
Vanguard Tripod:

Samsung Note 4 smart phone

Editing & Processing:
Bulk editing: Adobe Lightroom:
Fine tuning: Adobe Photoshop :
Viva Video Pro for combining videos