Yosemite Firefalls - El Capitan Horsetail Falls

Yosemite Firefalls - El Capitan Horsetail Falls

The sun setting, the temperature dropping, and the hope that the weather cooperates. People talking about where they are from and some giving their life stories. Other share in their camera settings and how to get 'the shot'. Each learning something from one another. Then the colors start to change... Silence...

Yosemite Firefalls - El Capitan Horsetail Falls by Bessie Young Photography

One person cheers, another claps, and then the entire valley floor roars with hooping and hollering for the beauty that nature is providing us. The sun continues to set, colors change yet again, everyone still in utter awe over the natural phenomena. The colors begin to fade, and everyone breaths yet again. Amazed at what they just saw and realizing that they made it. They saw it. They came and saw something that most people couldn't even dream of seeing. Yosemite Firefalls - El Capitan Horsetail Falls.

It is absolutely astonishing how nature can bring people together. Hundreds of people gathered around with a hope to see the Firefalls.

People begin to say their goodbyes to others they never met until this night. Nature bringing people together. It didn't matter their political views, opinions, age, or status. It only mattered that each and every person there had one thing in common... their true love for nature. As you sat there watching the colors change the entire world went away. Worries were gone, everyone connected, and the thought of hope could be found in each and everyone's eyes.

John Muir was more than right: 'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.'

If you ever get a chance to experience the Firefalls, don't hesitate! Don't think! Just do. Realize that we only live once and that as long as we actually LIVE it that once is enough. Experience Life.

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Details about Yosemite Firefalls natural occurrence:

When: Middle to Late February

Where: Horsetail Falls also known as El Capitan falls in Yosemite National Park

How: The phenomenon appears when the angle of the setting sun hits the waterfall. If conditions are not perfect then the fall will not glow. What is needed:

  1. Has to be February at sunset. This year the the orange showed up at 5:40pm.

  2. Horsetail falls must be flowing

  3. The western sky must be clear at sunset. Absolutely no clouds.

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