10 Reasons to Start a Blog

Alright, so you are contemplating starting a blog. You aren’t quite sure that you should, and you think it is probably too good to be true. Right? You might also be thinking that it takes too much effort, that blogging might be dead, that you are just going to waste your time, blah blah blah blah insert whatever other excus you want.

Right now I am going to give you the cold hard truth. You are standing in your own way. You are making excuses not to try.

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Alright, so here it is…

10 Reasons to Start A Blog Right Freaking Now!

1. Attract an Audience

Ok, so blogging is all online. Online there are millions and billions of people. Basically, you have the potential to reach all of these people. Just think about that for a minute. We won’t even meet a fraction of those people in our life time. Can you imagine the impact that you could have?

Blogging works as a method for attracting an audience. As long as you are providing value, you will be attracting an audience.

2. Establish Authority

When you blog about what you know, you begin to establish authority. You show your audience that you are the source of knowledge for your specific topic. You have to first gain trust by providing value. Provide value first and foremost. When you begin to provide value you begin to gain trust with your audience. Once you start gaining trust you then begin to gain authority.

3. Create amazing opportunities that you never knew existed

Blogging is great for making money online; however, that isn’t where it stops. Blogging can lead to some amazing business opportunities. For example, it can lead to big job offers such as speaking at a large event in your niche! How cool is that?

Remember me saying that there are billions of people on the internet? Well, blogging allows the potential for those billions of people to find you!

4. Stress Relief

Ok, hear me out here. Blogging can be, if you let it, a form of stress relief. If you are a writer, this is the perfect spot for you. Basically, it is where you can go to write down your thoughts, talk about your experiences, and so much more. You can tell people your thoughts and help people along the way.

You have to think of it as fun, not work. Once you begin to think of it as ‘oh I HAVE to blog today’ it then will become a form of stress in your life. If you think of it as a place to relax, a place to free your mind, a place to help other people, a place to just be you and do your own thing, it can be a huge stress relief.

So next time you go to start a blog post, grab a glass of wine, turn on some music, go into a beautiful creative place, and blog. Not only will you feel awesome, your blogs will be that much freaking better!

5. Stand out

Blogging is seriously an amazing thing. It is a place where you can really stand out and shine. Now, most people have an idea that blogging is over saturated. IT IS NOT!

According the the ‘one percent rule’, only one percent of internet users actively create new content! Holy SHIZ mind blown! Seriously only 1% !!!!!!!!!

So, by blogging you end up separating yourself from that other 99 percent of people that do not blog.

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6. Meet new people

Ok, back to that billion people on the internet thing. Blogging can get you in front of billions of eyes! It can also connect you with other like minded people. Basically, you can meet new people that have the same love and interests as you do!

If you start a blog you have a huge potential to create new friends and new co-workers!

7. Tell your story

This is your space! You get to do whatever you want with it! If you want to only blog business, then only blog business. If you want to blog lifestyle then do that! If you have a story to tell, then freaking tell it! People need to hear it.

One of the key things to blogging is people connecting with you. You get to tell your story. You get to help others, by telling them your point of view. You get to connect with others by sharing who you are!

8. Help other people

9. Make money

This is obviously a massive bonus to blogging. Through blogging there are so many different ways to make money! Make sure you check out my blog post on ‘How to make money with blogging’.

The sky is the limit here. Seriously, but you do have to really really really put in the effort.

10. Freedom!! Pretty much this is everything

This was one of the main reason I started to blog. I was in a career that kept me in a grey cubical sitting behind a desk all day. I wanted to blog so I could make my own money, create my own schedule, work from where ever I wanted to work, and just have freedom. There is so much to say for this. It truly can allow you to live the life that you want to live.

So Stop Waiting! Start Your Blog Today. Tag me in your social or comment below so I can see your new blog!

Seriously though, blogging is pretty darn awesome and has so much dang potential. It really depends on how much effort you put into it! It gives you huge flexibility with your lifestyle. It can be a full time job, a side hustle, and really whatever you want to make it!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! If you did, leave me a comment below, or even better, share it with your friends!

Wishing you the absolute best!