Yosemite National Park Sunset at El Capitan - Landscape Photography

Yosemite National Park Sunset at El Capitan

Landscape Photography

Yosemite, you stole my heart...

This year has been lacking when it comes to landscape photography, behind the scenes, and how I got the shot videos. Well, I got done fed up with that so I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Yosemite for sunset.

I packed myself a delicious pasta to have a picnic, my backpacking stove to make the pasta of course, all my camera gear, and off I drove. When I approached the booth I handed the ranger my year pass and she looked at me... "oh no this is a free admission day sweetie". I politely said oh sorry, thank you and drove into the park. The entire way to the valley I debated on turning around. Typically free admission days mean ALOT of people. I just wanted a nice trip to Yosemite, a yummy picnic, and a beautiful photo. I didn't want to be bombarded by people.

Ultimately, I decided to keep driving and to my surprise the park wasn't too busy. Yay! I drove around the park just enjoying the afternoon as I got there a few hours early. I knew exactly where I wanted to take my sunset photos so I wasn't in too big of a rush to find that perfect spot. My plan was to get an image of El Capitan and the Three Brothers with their reflection on the water of the Merced River.

California has received quite a bit of rain lately, so this hindered my sunset image as the Merced river was incredibly full and flowing quite quickly. So a reflection image obviously wasn't going to happen with a full swiftly running river, but it still was an incredible spot to be.

There were no clouds in the sky, so when golden hour rolled around my plans changed ever so slightly. With no clouds in the sky, means no color, which means the ultimate goal would be for the granite to turn a beautiful golden color. This happens well before sunset which actually worked out perfectly. I was able to capture El Capitan during the golden hour, and then drive the Yosemite Valley Loop to get these additional images.

The day was so incredibly peaceful. It was wonderful to get out and about on my first real landscape photography adventure of the year.

I hope you all enjoyed this one. Have you ever been to Yosemite? Leave me a comment with your favorite spot in the comment section below.

Wishing you nothing but fun adventures and beautiful photos.



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