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How To Use Leading Lines

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There are so many different rules of composition, but leading lines is one of my favorites. So, what is a leading line and how do we use it to create a beautiful jaw dropping image?

So what are leading lines?

Leading lines are one of the most simple composition tips yet one of the most powerful. They grab the viewers eye and bring it into the image to a main point of focus.  Basically they are a line that leads some where, hence where it got it's name. The world is full of leading lines. Thing of things such as rivers, piers, railroad tracks, roads, foam on a beach, so on and so forth.

So what is the key to using them?

It is best if the lines flow into your images. This creates a visual pathway and ends at the main point of focus in your image. In order to successfully use leading lines, you have to position yourself in the correct place. You need to move your feet!

Find your key subject and then position yourself to point the lines to that key subject. Make sure to avoid straight vertical or horizontal lines because that is going to split your image into 2 and also cause your viewers eye to flow off your image.

Here are some examples of How to Use Leading Lines for Better Composition:

Really study the image. Pay attention to what the line is doing, where it is going, and how your eye follows the line through the image.

Now go out there and try this rule. Pay attention to the lines that the world creates and think about how to use them to create a jaw dropping image.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite rules of composition are. Don't forget to share this with all your shutter bug friends!

Wishing you nothing but a beautiful day!


How To Use Leading Lines - Tips for Better Composition by Bessie Young Photography - Photography Tips and Tricks



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