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Klamath River Sunset 

I Forgot My Tripod

Landscape Photography

Heading up  to Klamath California is one of my favorite things in the whole year. I get to hang out with my family for a whole week, camp, adventure around the redwoods, and be in one of the most gorgeous places for Landscape photography. Let me tell you its a photographers dream. There are mountains, oceans, and forests filled with giant redwoods! Umm... need I say more?

I Forgot My Tripod Klamath River Sunset Landscape Photography by Bessie Young .jpg

Klamath is about a 9 hour drive from my place, so getting ready for this trip can be interesting. I am always worried that I am going to forget something... and yes, this year I did!

I made the drive, and enjoyed my first night with my family. The next day I wanted to get a pretty sunrise picture and that's when I realized it.... I forgot my tripod! Ugh! Seriously frustrating; however, I did have a small Joby tripod that I brought to use with my Sony A6500. I figured I couldn't make it work with my Sony A7rii, but then again...

So, the entire trip I decided to not use the tripod until one evening when the sunset was going to be amazing. I just knew it was going to be amazing, so out I went with my little Joby tripod, my Sony A7rii, my adventure dog Yota, and determination to get a beautiful Klamath River Sunset image.

It was challenging, it made me think, it made me have to be creative, and it completely worked! I am so excited with the images that came from this adventure.

So moral of the story? You don't need all the fancy gear to get the shot! Furthermore, sometimes it is better to not have all the gear. It challenges you and really makes you stop, think, and be creative!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Have you ever forgotten something on a long trip? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear.

Wishing you nothing but fun and beautiful adventures!


I Forgot My Tripod Klamath River Sunset Landscape Photography by Bessie Young Klamath California Sunset.jpg

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