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4 Things All Great Photos Have in Common

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Have you ever wondered why your photos aren't as good as the 'Pro's'? Have you ever just felt a little down about your images knowing that you can do better, you just don't understand why the image didn't turn out the way you wanted? Well, then this blog is for you!

Here are 4 things all great photos have in common:

1. Interesting Subject

You have to love your subject. If you don't like your subject then that is going to reflect in your image.

2. Good Composition

You need to show off your subject using good composition . Stop, take a look around, and figure out what you think is neat in the scene and then compose your image to show that off. There are many different tips on composition such as leading lines, the rule of thirds, and so forth.

3. Good Technique

Figure out what the most important part of your scene is. Then use good technique to emphasize that. You will need to learn manual mode and be able to tweak your shutter speed, aperature, and ISO to be able to accentuate what you like in the scene.

4. Good Light

Basically I love shooting during golden hour. This creates some beautiful soft light, no harsh shadows, and the images are just dreamy.

If you are stuggling with figuring out what is good light, I would suggest looking at other photographers images. Really study the image and the light. Where is the light coming from, what time of day was it taken, how did they use light to get the final result?

I hope you all enjoyed this one. Make sure to share it with all your buddies :)

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4 Things All Great Photos Phave In Common By Bessie Young Photography - Photography Tips and Tricks - 4 Minute Fridays


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