Best Beginner Lenses for Landscape Photography

Ok, it is overwhelming. I totally get it. There are so many different lenses out there how do you know which one to buy as a beginner landscape photographer?  Well that is why I am writing this blog post. I don't want you to waste your money! So honestly I spent a lot of money playing with lenses, buying new lenses, and then realizing the lenses that I actually needed . I want to save you that step. Basically I want to save you all the time, all the money, and all the frustration when it comes to lenses .  

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So this blog post is specifically about lenses for landscape photography and what lens you should buy as a beginner landscape photographer . 

If you are looking to get into portrait photography I also created a blog post about that . So make sure to head on over to my what lens to buy for portrait photography as a beginner blog post if you are interested in portrait photography .  You can find that post here:

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Okay so going back to the plethora of lenses that are are out there . For landscape photography there are really two things that that you're going to need to pay attention to. The first is Aperture and the second is focal length. So how you're going to be able to know what those numbers are is for aperture you're going to be looking at the F value and for focal length you're going to be looking at the mm number. 

F Value: 

This is really important if you are looking to get into astro photography. If you want those cool milky way shots you are really going to want to make sure that your lens is capable of F2.8 or lower. Honestly the lower the better, but the lower number comes with a bigger price tag.

Now with that being said, if you are not wanting to get into astro photography, your standard F4 lens will be perfect. I shot on my F4 lens for years and years and years before I started to play with astro photography.

In Landscape photography you will most likely be shooting around the F8-F11 to get that oh so amazing depth of field. After all, in landscape photography we want that a large depth of field. You want to be able to feel like you can see for miles and miles. They way that you get that is be a increasing the F value (having a bigger number).

Focal Length:

Now for Landscape photography we want that wide shot. You know, basically where you can see the world! For me, I love 18-20mm focal length (on my full frame camera) . It is my absolute favorite focal length to shoot. Now, this is just what my eye likes. Your eye might be different.

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What you want is a wide angle lens and the correct wide angle lens for your camera. Now a wide angle lens for a cropped sensor camera is completely different than a wide angle lens for a full frame camera.

Let’s chat about a full frame camera and what a wide angle lens is for those. A standard wide angle lens has a focal length of 16mm-35mm.

Make sure to check out my full gear list here.

So What Lens Should I Buy For Landscape Photography? 


Landscape photography is all about that, the landscape. You need to be able to capture that vast landscape and the only way you are going to do that is with a wide angle lens.

Now, there is one thing that I want you to consider. Do you want an adjustable focal length or do you want a prime lens. What is a prime lens? Basically, it is a lens that has only one focal length (1 mm #) So for example you will see a 14mm, 18mm, 20mm, 35mm lenses. When you only see one number that means you will not be able to adjust the focal length.

Wide Angle Lenses for Cropped Sensors Major Brands:

Wide Angle Lenses for Full Frame Major Brands:

What lenses do I use?  

Now I use the 18mm Batis and I am absolutely obsessed with this lens.   I was hesitant about doing a non-native lens  for my camera but now that I've taken that leap I wouldn't go back. It's a great lens, has great quality, and is for a fraction of the price .  I originally had the Sony 16-35mm lens and I switched. If you are interested in seeing why and the lens comparison make sure to head on over to :

Sony 16mm-35mm vs. Batis 18mm

The lens that I have on my camera body for about 90% of the time is my 24-70mm f2.8 G master lens . This is the  best lens ever . Now if you're only going to want to buy one lens I would say you need to buy this lens. Please note that I have only used the Sony version of this lens. So here are the options for this lens for each main camera brand:

Sony 24-70mm G Master F2.8

Canon 24-70mm F2.8

Nikon 24-70mm F2.8


All right friends I hope this helped you out a little bit. What lens are you debating on? Or what lens do you already have in love for your landscape photography? Leave me a comment below and let me know . I want this blog to be a community where we can chat and help each other out. That's only going to happen if we comment and talk with each other. So make sure to leave a comment below  

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! If you did, leave me a comment below, or even better, share it with your friends!


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