How To Create Better Composition

So you aren't happy with your photos. That's ok! We are all learning and growing; however, there are certain things that can really help our photos stand out from the crowd. Today I want to talk about one rule that will change it all...

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How to create better composition:

 Fill your frame with what you love... Simplify!

That's it! Sounds easy right? Well it is, but sometimes we just get too caught up in trying to add so many elements into our image, that we create a jumbled mess. Don't try to put everything into your picture.

If you find yourself having trouble deciding on what the main subject is take a deep breath, stop, and then pay attention to what your eyes are doing. Wherever they keep going back to, shoot that. Make sure that you remove all the distracting items in your image, simplify, and only shoot what you love.

Now get outside and go shoot that amazing image that you have been wanting to get. Try out this one tip and let me now how it went by leaving a comment below!

Wishing you nothing but beautiful pictures and fun adventures,


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